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Sonderfeld was the homerecording project of Norbert Sonderfeld und Hans Jäckel from 1983 to 1995. Then it mutated into a five-piece band with musicians from diverse genres. On their first CD, in a number of singles and contributions, and in numerous live gigs in the second half of the 1990s they managed to bring to life the songs which had originally been created with no regard to playability. After 2000, the second and third CD were finalized, then the band ceased to exist. Norbert Sonderfeld died in November 2018. After a long wait, this page was created, and the (almost) complete works of Sonderfeld (re-)published on sonderfeld.bandcamp.com.

Sonderfeld's music

"Listening to Sonderfeld gives you a pleasure comparable to the one you feel when you rub a handful of heavy, black topsoil between your fingers", wrote one critic. The (almost) complete works of Sonderfeld are found HERE>>>>.

History of the band

After the demise of Norbert Sonderfeld, Sonderfeld has truly become history. The story of how it all started, how it progressed, stalled and re-started, and how it ended, is told HERE>>>>.

Discography and live gigs

During Sonderfeld's existence, the band recorded about 70 titles. Only a part of it had been published on records, the rest is now available on our Bandcamp page. At least 17 live gigs are vouched for - it felt like much MORE>>>>

The musicians

A leader with ideas, but scant vocal or instrumental skills, a stylistically confused multi-instrumentalist, a neo-folkie drummer, a heavy metal bass player, a jazz-minded sax player and keyboarder - that means tension and work and MORE>>>.

Critical reception

The critics loved us more than the market did. "An absolute must...", "Not listening closely is a crime...", "Among the most interesting discoveries of the year...". Excerpts from our favourite reviews are reproduced >>>HERE.


There are no videos and not many pictures of Sonderfeld. (In 1996 we didn't have smart phones or digital cameras.) We almost always had a portable tape recorder with us, but rarely a camera. Some of the few existing pictures are >>>HERE.

Contact: mail@sonderfeld.com
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